There goes the clutch!
This place was amazing from the start! We (several Ohioans) were in town for an all women motorcycle rally and stopped into Sloan's to check out their merchandise and inventory. Right from the beginning the staff was terrific and so friendly. Niki was very helpful with the merchandise and knowledgeable about their establishment along with the local touristy areas. Her outgoing personality was a treasure. After visiting the store, us ladies went on about our business, 15 miles later my clutch cable snapped on my 2018 Indian Chieftain Dark horse. We instantly picked up the cell phone and called Sloan's. With so many emotions running through me at the moment, I don't remember who I spoke to but the staff directed me to a local, reliable towing service. They had told me that the replacement part wouldn't be in till Monday and I had expressed the need to return home for work by then. I called for the tow, while waiting on the towing service I get a phone call from Kate, the service department of Sloan's. Great news! They were able to locate to clutch cable and was also able to install it that day. These ladies were amazing! Very attentive to our needs and comfort. I can't express enough the gratitude I have for this establishment. (Employee: Kate Neal, Niki Townsend)
Amy Stamm
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